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Business Banking

Business Checking

Traditional Commercial Checking

This account is for the growing business with changing needs.  Like our Traditional Personal Checking, you will get all the benefits of the expensive accounts at a minimum cost to you.  You can get this account with no service charge if you maintain a required balance, but if you happen to fall below that balance you will be charged a flat rate per month. 

  • $0-$25,000 - $15.00 per month
  • $25,000.01 and up - no charge
  • No per item charge
  • Minimum deposit required to open is $100.00

Century Interest Commercial Checking

If you want to put your money to work, this is the account for you. This is an interest bearing account. When you open this account you have unlimited check writing capabilites while earning a higher rate of interest.

  • $0 - $50,000.00 - $25.00 a month service charge/Zero Interest
  • $50,000.01 - $100,000.00 - $12.00 a month service charge/Variable Interest Rate
  • $100,000.01 and up - No service charge/Variable Interest Rate
  • Minimum deposit required to open is $100.00

Century Money Market Business Checking

This checking account offers special rates and a limited number of transactions for the large balance saver. You may make up to six withdrawals per month, three of which may be checks to a third party. Limited withdrawals include preauthorized transfers such as ACH debits, maintain minimum balance transfers, point of sale transactions, voice banking, and online banking transfers.  

  • $0-$5,000 - $7.50 a month service charge/Zero Interest
  • $5,000.01 - $15,000.00 - $5.00 a month service charge/Variable Interest Rate
  • $15,000.01 and up - No service charge/Variable Interest Rate
  • Minimum deposit required to open is $100.00


Business Savings Account

Our regular business savings account can get you started toward your financial goal!  Deposits are unlimited but there is a fee after the 4th withdrawl within one month.   

  • $0-$499.99 - $4.00 per month service charge;  
  • $500.00 and up - no service charge; interest rate variable up to 5%

After the 4th withdrawal within one month there will be a charge of $1.00 per withdrawal.

  • Minimum deposit required to open is $100.00 for the regular savings account 


Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit provide a fixed interest rate.  You may choose from our many options, starting with a term of 32 days or receive a higher rate with a longer term up to 3 years.  CD's can be opened with as little as $500.00 making saving even easier!  Contact a customer service representative for our current rates.

Commercial Lending

Take your business to the next level.

As your business grows, your needs change, and access to credit becomes more critical to successful growth.  Community Bank of Louisiana offers numerous options that are easy, flexible, and can be tailored to fit your needs.  From small business loans to commercial real estate financing, we offer the flexibility to help businesses maintain a competitive edge.  Whether you need short-term working capital or a long-term business loan, we have the right lending alternatives for you.  Don't sit around waiting for the out-of-town banks to make a decision, call us for a fast, local decision.  Give one of our Commercial Lenders a call:

Mansfield, Louisiana
William Dorroh @ 318-872-3831
Ron Jackson @ 318-872-3831

Shreveport, Louisiana
Bruce Canfield @ 318-212-0600
Kenneth Dennis @ 318-212-0600 
Wendy Spencer @ 318-688-6833
Brenda Whilhelm @ 318-861-3655

Logansport, Louisiana
John Russell @ 318-697-4303

Gloster, Louisiana 
Shelley Elliott @ 318-933-5276

Bossier City, Louisiana 
Debra Durr @ 318-742-1717
Nicki East @ 318-629-1815