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Community Bank of Louisiana will never solicit your personal or private information via phone, e-mail or text message.      If you receive a request from Community Bank of Louisiana asking you to confirm any of your information - DO NOT!!!        
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Mobile Remote Deposit Capture is now here!!

We now offer Remote Deposit Capture via your mobile device.
To enroll please log in to our online via a pc and go to Services
then click on Mobile Deposit Enrollment. 


With all of our accounts listed below, you get unlimited check writing and no per check charges.

Traditional Personal Checking

Our most popular account

A $3.00 Service charge if balance falls below minimum $1,000.01.

Traditional Students & Seniors 50+

A $1.50 Service charge if balance falls below minimum of $1,000.01.


  • Must be a student or
  • Must be 50 years or older

 **After 5 years, no service charge
regardless of your balance



50 and Free Checking

Free for customers 50 and over


No Service Charge
Earns variable interest for balances of $5,000.01 and greater.
No monthly service charge regardless of balance.

Century Interest Personal

A $6.50 Service Charge if balance falls below a minimum of $5000.01.
Earns variable interest for balances greater than the minimum.

Club Plus

Earns variable interest for balances of $4000.01 and greater.
Service Charge varies on type of account:

Single                             $10.50 a month             
Joint                               $11.50 a month              
Family                            $12.50 a month
Seniors Single                  $5.00 a month
Seniors Joint                    $6.00 a month
Seniors Family                 $7.00 a month

Minimum opening deposit is $100.00. Ask us for details.




Money Market Account and Other Charges


Century Money Market Checking

This checking account offers special rates and a limited number of transactions for the large balance saver. You may make up to six withdrawals per month. Limited withdrawals include preauthorized transfers such as ACH debits, maintain minimum balance transfers, point of sale transactions, voice banking, online banking transfers, and checks to a third party.  

  • $0-$5000.00-$7.50 a month service charge/Zero Interest
  • $5000.01-$15,000.00 - $5.00 a month service charge/Interest Rate Variable
  • $15,000.01 and up - No service charge/Market rates set monthly
  • Minimum deposit required to open is $5,000.00
  • With all the above accounts, we offer Voice Banking, On Line Banking, Bill Pay and Debit Cards, at no charge to our customers.

Other Charges:

Charge Back Items- $6.50

Research $25.00/hr   Copies $.50 each

Extra Statement $5.00

Travelex - Visa Money card $7.95/each additional reload $3.95

Lease Rental Checks - $25.00 

Domestic Wire Transfers - $25.00 - Bank Customers Only
Foreign Wire Transfers - $50.00 - Bank Customers Only

NSF Personal - $28.50   Commerical - $32.50

Stop Payment- $25.00   Personal Money Orders - $5.00

Extra Debit Cards - $7.00

Night Deposit Bags:  Lock - $20.00  Zipper Bag - $5.00

Collections:  Customer - $15.00 

Document Preparation - $35.00

Notary Fees: Customer - Free   Non Customer - $15.00

Safe Deposit Box - replacement key $7.00

Free Online Bill Pay and Mobile Banking



Personal Savings

Our Extra Interest Savings account can get you started toward your financial goal!  Deposits are unlimited but there is a fee after the 4th withdrawal within one month. 

  • $0-$499.99 - $4.00 per month service charge;  
  • $500.00 and up - no service charge; interest rate variable

After the 4th withdrawal within one month there will be a charge of $1.00 per withdrawal.

  • Minimum deposit required to open is $100.00 for the regular savings account

We also have a Young Saver account for anyone under the age of 18. 

  • No service charge; interest rate variable 
  • Minimum deposit required to open is $5.00
Certificates of Deposit
Certificates of Deposit provide a fixed interest rate.  You may choose from our many options, starting with a term of 32 days or receive a higher rate with a longer term up to 3 years.  CD's can be opened with as little as $500.00 making saving even easier!  Contact a customer service representative for our current rates.

Individual Retirement Accounts offer control for the account holder without the participation of an employer.  Our variable rate IRA helps you save taxes and save for your retirement at the same time.

Traditional IRA:  tax deferred contributions; no minimum contribution required

Roth IRA:  taxes are deducted prior to contribution; earnings are tax-free

Education Savings Plan:   nondeductible account that features tax-free withdrawals for a child's higher education expenses   

Ask our service representatives at any of our locations about the best plan for you.

Personal Loans

We all have different needs.  Community Bank of Louisiana offers loans to fit your lifestyle.  Community Bank provides a full range of personal loans with flexible terms and competitive rates.  Our loans offer convenience and fast, friendly service from knowledgeable professionals.  Community Bank of Louisiana has a loan that is right for you.

Stop by any of our locations and let us help you save money!

Mansfield, Louisiana
William Dorroh @ 318-872-3831
Ron Jackson @ 318-872-3831

Shreveport, Louisiana
Bruce Canfield @ 318-212-0600
Kenneth Dennis @ 318-212-0600
Wendy Spencer @ 318-688-6833
Brenda W. Schieffler @ 318-861-3655

Logansport, Louisiana
John Russell @ 318-697-4303

Gloster, Louisiana 
Shelley Elliott @ 318-933-5276

Bossier City, Louisiana
Debra Durr @ 318-742-1717
Nicki East @ 318-629-1815