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Community Bank of Louisiana will never solicit your personal or private information via phone, e-mail or text message.      If you receive a request from Community Bank of Louisiana asking you to confirm any of your information - DO NOT!!!        
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At Community Bank of Louisiana, we take Internet security very seriously and we want to make sure that you have all the information that you need to protect yourself online. 
You’ve probably heard about identity theft – people stealing other people’s personal information for illegal purpose.  In a new tactic called “Phishing” – as in fishing for confidential information – ID thieves try to trick people into providing their social security numbers, financial account numbers, mother’s maiden names, and other personal information.  In a typical case, the consumer receives an e-mail appearing to originate from a financial institution, government agency or other entity that requests personal or financial information. When the consumer provides the information, those perpetrating the fraud can begin to access consumer accounts or assume the person's identity.  We want to assure you that under no circumstances will Community Bank of Louisiana ever send you an e-mail asking for your account number or personal information.
Tips to protect you from phishing scams:
Never click on Hyperlinks within emails, instead, copy and paste them into your browser
  1. Use SPAM Filter Software 
  2. Use Anti-Virus Software 
  3. Use a Personal Firewall 
  4. Keep Software Updated (operating systems and web browsers) 
  5. Always look for "https://" and padlock on web sites that require personal information 
  6. Keep your computer clean from Spyware 
  7. Educate yourself of fraudulent activity on the Internet 
  8. Check & monitor your credit report 
  9. Seek Advice - For more detailed explanations on protecting yourself, contact us here at Community Bank of Louisiana.
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